How to lose weight faster in a week?

How to loose weight faster in a week?

How to loose weight faster in a week?

Hello, I’m trying to lose weight so far I’ve lost 25 since Jan my ? is how do I loose it faster and why am I nit loosing it faster I know one pound is 3500 calories an you need to burn or eat less to lose my plan is as follows…….

…..I work late usually I’ll 10 pm at night so I usually sleep into the afternoons I’ll 1 pm but I go to work an sometimes I’ll eat a piece of fruit I come home eat a low calorie dinner usually one can if tuna 100 calories plus some light mayo 40 calories add dome spinach am tomato this has to be all together less than 170 calories them drink water lots I then burn 200 calories on my exercise bike so its like I never ate anything ….on my days off from work I may eat 500 calories a day or 700 but I’ll walk I’ll I burn of 350/400 later on I’ll split up my other workouts an burn an addition 2/400 calories on the bike or walking in place ….my thing is every time I eat something like after dinner I burn it off if I’m only eating 300 calories a day most days plus my cashier job I’m very act I’ve so just standing burns 150 calories an hour I should be burning more there , then shouldn’t I be loosing weight really fast from such a restrict I’ve diet? I’m 21 an fairly overweight , is something wrong with me? is my.metabolism slow? at this rate shouldn’t I be loosing at least 5 lbs a week ? if your suppose to eat 1200 calories a day and 1 lb is 3500 calories well I’m already loosing 900 on food plus burning at least another 500 that’s 1400 calories a day I’m loosing is 3500 is 1 lb 1400 x 7 days is 9800 ? Please I’ve me suggestions of what I’m doing wrong an how to speed up my metabolism id like to loose 5 lbs a week how can I do that?

In my opinion Physical inactivity is the prime factor that causes obesity. Your diet plan and other activities concerning weight loss are of no use if you are inactive. You should exercise daily, in addition, to following a suitable diet. Whether you like walking, jogging or strength training, set any one of them in your routine and you will see a positive change in your weight. Even eat foods that help in the detoxification of the body where exercise also proves helpful.

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