What gym work outs will get me a six pack and Abs? Cardio Help?

Any kind of diet or workout program.

Any kind of diet or workout program.

I have a smallish belly but what workout/machine at my gym will turn the belly into a six pack/abs?

Also if i do what you think will help, how long should this take?

Pretty much none. Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym. It’s all a matter of body fat. You can do crunches, planks, bicyclers, medicine balls, leg raises and oblique exercises until you’re blue in the face but that’s only going to give you ripped abs underneath a layer of fat. Remove the fat and there are your abs!

Just about anything that works the full core muscles is going to help you strengthen and form your stomach muscles. What people fail to realize is that that “six pack” is only going to be defined if you are lean enough (i.e. NO FAT covering your abdominal area) for the muscles to show up.

So, strengthen the muscles but also work to lose that extra 10 or 15 pounds that’s preventing them from showing up.

you cant just do crunches that is a lie. You need cardio to make your abs show. Mix cardio and ab workouts together. for an hour-2 hours 4 days a week, allow yourself some rest overwise your muscles will not repair them selves. eat healthy and drink fluids. do not drink sports drinks, drink milk after a workout it repairs your muscles twice as fast. Great cardio and ab exercises combined can be found on youtube ”jillian micheals”, listen to her whilst you exercise she knows what shes talking about. ”Pop pilates on YouTube” is great for ab exercises after cardio.

Crunches only work the lower abs so. Lay flat on your back, raise your legs and torso at the same time, do 20 consecutively when you wake up

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