Ways to get rid of hair without razor bumps?

rid of hair

rid of hair

Ways to get rid of hair without razor bumps?

I, like many woman, like to be hairless down there. I noticed that when I shave, I get razor bumps and they become irritated by the next day. Sometimes I even get little tiny pimples, not on my vaginal area but more above. I do use soap to shave. I’ve tried scentless moisturizing lotions and without but nothing. Is there anyway I can get rid of the hair without the bumps? It’s really embarrassing, especially with my boyfriend.

Shave using lotion or sun block then rub a and d ointment on it.

Don’t shave, those bumps are infected follicles.
Or you could just trim, cos adult women have pubic hair, and prepubescents do not.
If your boyfriend has issues with you having pubic hair… perhaps he should hang out at a primary school.

Here are some tips:

Pre-Heat with a hot towel or hot compress.
Exfoliate beforehand for 1-2 minutes to scrub away dead skin cells and dirt.
Hair grows in different directions, usually downward but double check to be sure as the hair grows in various directions around the body.
Shave with the direction of hair growth (usually downwards) with a single or at most double blade razor.
Use a very light pressure being careful never to pass more than 1-2 times.
Exfoliate before bed and in the HOT shower next morning.
Use mild after shave balm; organic, non-stinging kinds are best.
Some lotions clog up your pores, preventing the hairs from growing out and in the proper direction. Considered an light, after shave moisturizer.

When it comes to razors: buy ones with 1 or not more than 2 blade razors. The more blades the more irritation.
The more passes you make with the blade in one direction, the more irritation. Solution: fewer blades, fewer passes. This prevents ingrown hairs and razor burn.

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