How can you lose fat from your face?

Facial fat

Facial fat

How can you lose fat from your face?

Someone who hasn’t seen me for a while commented that I’ve now got a fatter face. So is there anything I can do to to lose fat from my face. Please no jokes about talk a lot for jaw exercise, this is a serious question.

Facial fat develops from several factors, including being overweight,
soft facial muscles, genetics or simply getting older. There is no
surefire way to lose fat around the face and under the chin that will
work for everyone, but there are a variety of options from which you
can select the right method for you.

Step 1 Work on full-body weight loss if excess facial fat is a full-body
problem. Simply adding regular exercise three to five times a week for
30 to 60 minutes, cutting 250 calories a day and eating more fresh
fruits and vegetables should help you to drop a pound or two a week.
While everyone is different, most people notice facial fat is the
first fat lost.

Step 2 Drink plenty of water each and every day, taking in about two
glasses for every 50 pounds of body weight. Not only is water
essential for your body to function properly, it also helps to flush
toxins, which can cause swelling in the face and other parts of the

Step 3 Perform facial exercises that work to strengthen and firm the
muscles of the face, chin and neck and can help you lose facial fat.
Activities like yoga and Pilates are perfect. However, there are also
many exercises directed just for the face.

Step 4 Cut back on foods that cause fluid retention, particularly salt
and alcohol. Reducing your intake of salt and alcohol is a very
positive dietary choice that will show great results in your skin and
fatty tissues.

Step 5 Consider a more drastic approach if these natural techniques are
not helping you to lose fat around the chin and face. Cosmetic surgery
procedures have come along way and often only require a few hours in a
doctor’s office for the procedure and short recovery times after.
Speak to a cosmetic surgeon about thread lifts, liposuction, tucks and
other procedures that can help you to look and feel your best.

jaw exercises do work. try make up tricks and anew hairstyle. also i find dairy, lack of sleep, too much salt and crabs extremely bloating

perhaps if you sleep more, drink more water, cut down on sugar and cut out dairy and wheat your face will look slimmer and less bloated.

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