How can I gain weight without gaining body fat?

How can I gain weight without gaining body fat?

How can I gain weight without gaining body fat?

How can I gain weight without gaining body fat?
I want to gain around 10 lbs. I am currently a 5’10 male that weights 130 lbs. I am wanting to join the army and I have to weight at least 132 lbs minimum. I have to keep my body fat under %.

I need a way to gain weight rather fast. I have been trying to gain 10 lbs since last June, drinking protein shakes twice a day and eating a lot at meals. Lots of meat. I still haven’t seemed to gain anything.

A little about me:
I currently work at a fast food restaurant and am constantly eating. I know that may not be good, but I am trying to gain weight here. I typically get around 5000 – 8000 calories a day.

Please explain what I can do to gain weight!

If you are looking to gain 10 pounds while keeping your body fat percentage down, I would suggest you look to eat a high calorie diet, sleep well and do the right workout. Just because you work in a fast food restaurant, that does not mean you have to put yourself through a bad diet everyday. If all else fails, pack your own food to work. I would suggest bringing milk to work.

The 2 important factors of a high calorie diet is ingredient and frequency. This means that most of your calories should come from complex carbohydrates like potatoes, bread, pasta, biscuit, noodles and rice. Next, this means that you have to eat more times a day in order to gain weight as it is easier to gain more weight when you eat more often as your stomach has more space to take in more food. If you have problems trying to eat more times a day, let me suggest drinking 500ml of milk in between all 3 of your meals for a total of 3 times a day to help you develop the habit to eat more. Increase the amount of milk you drink by 100ml every week if you do not see a 1 pound weight gain on the scale.

Sleep also has two parts, duration and quality. This means that you have to sleep the correct amount of duration which can be determined by finding out how long your sleep is on a weekend where I would recommend you to turn in and wake up all by yourself. Also, sleeping and waking up all by yourself ensures that your body is getting quality rest because it is not disrupted in any of its sleep cycle, making you take the most benefits out of sleep. Sleeping ensures that you keep your immune system up, prevent unnecessary calorie loss to keep you awake and prevent muscle and fat degradation to fuel your tired body.

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