How to get rid of lower belly fat?

How to get rid of lower belly fat?

How to get rid of lower belly fat?

How to get rid of lower belly fat?

Hi! I’m 5 ft and 105 lbs. I am very active but I have lower belly fat, especially near my belly button. I have very small muffin tops as well, and I want them gone for summer! I work out a lot and do crunches and sit ups to try to build up a strong core and eliminate some stomach fat, which helped a little. I’m wondering, what foods should I stay away from that can give you lower belly fat?

Crunches, sit-ups etc. will do nothing to remove stomach fat, they will only strengthen the muscle underneath the fat. You can’t remove fat from one specific area of your body. When you lose fat, you lose if from everywhere in your body. You need to reduce your calorie intake so you start to lose 1lb a week. Keep losing the 1lb a week for long enough while working out and the fat from your lower abs will eventually go.

Also, individual foods don’t cause fat gain, your overall caloric intake causes fat gain.

There is absolutely no such thing as spot fat removal as previously mentioned. To get rid of a small belly, you need to reduce your body fat percentage, meaning you will be thinner overall just to get that thin belly.
Exercise-wise, you need to do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day. (Any exercise that raises your heart rate to 70-85% of your maximum heart rate, I.e. jogging, swimming, cycling, stair walking). Not only will you burn calories during the exercise but this will activate the afterburner effect. This is simply where your exercise increases your metabolic rate (you burn more calories) for the next 24 hours. – This is why you do cardio everyday, so you have a constant afterburner effect.

Stay away from simple carbs like sugar, you want complex carbs like vegetables and rice.

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